Trufas del Nuevo Mundo was founded in 2011 by a team of Argentine entrepreneurs motivated by the passion for the black truffle (tuber melanosporum vitt.) And dedicated to providing a quality truffle of worldwide recognition.

The field with 124 acres located a few kilometers from the town of Espartillar and near the Sierra de la Ventana Province of Buenos Aires, has a soil with specific PH and calcareous quality ideal for growing black truffles.

The first truffles were discovered on August 4, 2016, thanks to Tina´s ability in truffle discovery. The first truffle reached a weight of 69 grams and the second 236 grams.

It was a majestic moment, which left a magical sensation as we unearthed our first truffles as if they were a hidden treasure for years.

Now the wait is shorter. Year after year we are prepare to collect the best truffles, which grow in the roots of the more than 20 thousand trees that we house in our field.





She was born in 2010 in Soria (Spain).
Since August 2016 he lives in Argentina.
Tina plays with hers red toy, after finding each truffle.



She was born in 2015 in Chillar (Argentina).
Minujín made her first hunting in 2017.
After finding each truffle, she plays with hers orange toy.
Every year she learns more from her great friend Tina.

Trufas del nuevo mundo

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