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The intense and complex aroma makes the truffle a unique ingredient in the best cuisines in the world. Some chefs call it “the black diamond” of the kitchen and they get to pay more than 1,500 euros per kilo.

The truffle is an edible mushroom that chooses the roots of trees, such as oaks and hazelnuts trees, to live in symbiosis with them. And so taking advantage of the sugar produced by the trees, as well as the nutrients of the earth.

The harvest season of our truffles begins in mid-May and ends in mid-September. As they grow underground, is essential the help of dogs with trained for the search.

In Trufas del Nuevo Mundo: Lola, Marily, Soria, Sandro and Sancho, help us to hunt the precious truffles.


Discover how to identify the Black Truffle of the Perigord


Learn how to save your truffles in the right way to preserve their taste


Learn to cook with truffle, a unique ingredient found in the best cuisines. Some chefs call it “the black diamond”

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Al sur de la provincia de Buenos Aires, a pocos kilómetros del pueblo de Espartillar
se encuentra Trufas del Nuevo Mundo, la trufera más grande de Argentina, fundada en el año 2011.
Un extenso bosque de robles, encinas y avellanos que esconde en sus raíces un selecto ingrediente de la alta cocina. La Trufa Negra (Tuber melanosporum vitt).


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